Goldmark City Apartment designed outstanding living space

Goldmark City owns more than 1000 rental apartments with a variety of different areas. Depending on the needs, customers can choose apartments suitable for their use as well as financial ability.

However, it can be said that the general highlight of the apartments for rent in Goldmark City are the apartments are designed in an open, airy and pleasant way. Make the most of the natural light and wind to every corner of your home, giving you a truly comfortable feeling for the owner of the apartment.

Modern and intelligent interior space that ensures high aesthetics while meeting the maximum demand of every member of your family.

Rent Goldmark City apartment you will find your life extremely meaningful and wonderful.

Great surprise for the customers! At present, the apartments are owned by Alpha Housing, the leading real estate company in the capital for a very attractive price. Just contact the company directly, you will be able to rent cheap apartments and many preferential policies.


Understand the importance of trees for human health. The project investor has invested heavily in the system of green areas in the project such as aerial walkway, green plantation around, walking street, outdoor play area for children with grass and flowers. leaves…

Offering residents of for rent Goldmark City apartments an opportunity to enjoy a healthy, sustainable, tranquil and fresh living environment is the ideal place for people to relax and refresh themselves.


Not only owns the infrastructure system around the project quite synchronously. The project of high-end apartment Goldmark City also provides customers, many outstanding facilities such as:

Large shopping center with many items from famous brands to popular items for you to spoil the shopping; indoor and outdoor play areas for children; Modern library with thousands of books; gym with many modern training equipment and professional trainers; Spa with professional materials to help you look better and stronger …

Not only own the quality apartments, utilities that most Goldmark City apartment also owns can not be more beautiful location right in the main road. Connecting to nearby routes and downtown is quicker and easier.