Things to know about Goldmark City Apartments

Goldmark City Apartment brings the perfect quality of life and ideal place to stay in Hanoi capital with the top priority. Goldmark City has made a cameo by owning an ideal location in the heart of the capital’s busiest and most dynamic economic and administrative center in the future. From the location of the project, just a few tens of minutes drive, residents can easily reach Noi Bai International Airport and other exciting destinations, the most beautiful north of the future connected city located very close. Metro 3 Metro Station – the most modern and intelligent transportation system. along with modern design from the outside to the apartment detail, full facilities, perfect service system, attractive commercial center. Goldmark City strives for a high standard of living, luxury, comfort and reasonable investment cost. The perfect choice for your family when renting a Goldmark City apartment


In the beginning years, everyone wants to have a place in the central area, convenient to travel, avoid stressful hours of traffic on the road, a cozy living space, a wide viewing angle to feel. Relaxed mind to gather around the family, relax and prepare for a new working day, create a sustainable future.

Therefore, Goldmark City has been able to offer a wide selection of apartments ranging from 46sq.m to 1 bedroom, ranging from 60sq.m to 90sq.m with 2 bedrooms, all rooms are airy. Natural lighting – 2 Living rooms. The logia system offers a wide range of amenities as well as a clear view of interior space.


With two 29-storey towers and 32 storeys and 7 floors for commercial center, swimming pool, health care, children’s playground, synchronized and full of high-class apartment building. .

Goldmark City with delicate design, perfect place to gather what you dream dream of a happy home and comfortable.

Service system with security team, professional sanitation, modern fire protection system, high speed elevator system, HD cable TV, internet … .. always ready to serve as bridge the households.

Currently, we have a lot of apartments for rent in Goldmark City, with many different areas and reasonable price. Please contact us for advice and see the apartment.