Experience life in the Ciputra urban area

Ciputra urban area – place to honor the value of life

Ciputra urban area is considered as a high-end project in the property market from ancient to present. The project is very close to West Lake with approximately 500 ha of water surface and surrounding the project is the Red River system that brings cool, clean living space in the area. Marketing. Next is the road system that makes moving into the center as well as outside the city is very simple and convenient. Ciputra urban area contiguous to the following routes


Not only dedicate in the design and planning of the project population, investors also pay special attention to construction of utmost synchronized utilities, worthy of living space perfect for the whole family in Ciputra.

Every day, residents can exercise in the fitness area, modern gym, 4-season swimming pool or relax and health care at the Spa. No need to go far, with shopping mall in the project, customers can enjoy shopping, save a lot of time. Have fun with family, friends chat, relax at Skybar, outdoor cafe, BBQ party at BBQ garden … This is the perfect choice for you and your family when choosing Ciputra Hanoi apartment for rent here