Reasons to choose Vinhomes Gardenia

Vingroup’s Vinhomes Gardenia project is being evaluated as the most attractive project in the West of Hanoi. Let’s explore Vinhomes Gardenia to find out why this project makes many dream customers so.

Prime location

Vinhomes Gardenia is a “hot first” project in the real estate market in the hot time of Hanoi capital. Located in the My Dinh-West area with modern and developed infrastructure, residents of Vinhomes Gardenia will be very convenient when moving into the inner city through the large roads such as Ham Nghi, Ho Tung Mau, Le Duc Tho ….

My Dinh is also oriented to be the administrative and economic center of Hanoi, opening the potential for strong development for investors in this area.

Space is fresh, fresh

With the idea of creating the inhabitants of a life of “pure blue innocence, fresh new happiness”, Vinhomes Gardenia impressed by the space where people blend with nature. Architecturally inspired by the world’s leading design firms, the impressive green architectural style promises to bring living to a balanced level throughout the entire project from design, construction and construction.

… to the service system utility. The project has set aside a relatively large area for the construction of green spaces, parks, landscapes, construction density of only 31%, … to bring fresh air to the residents.

Universal standard service utilities

Living in Vinhomes Gardenia is not just living in a house where residents will be using a full service package such as: Vinschool, Clinic (Vinmec), Clean Food (VinEco), Supermarket In addition, the investor also equips Vinhomes Gardenia with a number of other utility services such as: BBQ garden, pet park, sports court system, swimming pool … to bring to give the residents modern life, comfort and class.

Owning a variety of real estate products

Vinhomes Gardenia is the first urban complex to own a wide range of real estate products ranging from villas, adjoining villas, shophouses, apartments to high end market segments. This combination has made Vinhomes Gardenia become a very attractive project customers from the market launch. In particular, with the system of unique shophouse, Vinhomes Gardenia will own familiar urban space, rare urban areas. You can go with your family, friends to have breakfast, drink coffee in the shops as in the old streets.


Besides, the highlight of the project is the 3 apartment buildings The Arcadia in Vinhomes Gardenia are particularly interested in architecture. The design of the condominiums of Vinhomes Gardenia is focused on creating a lot of light, combined with the layout of functional rooms in each apartment from the living room, bedroom to the bathroom are welcome light. of course. In particular, The Arcadia property duplex apartment with 3 bedrooms in moderate area, is now a lot of customers interested.

With a series of outstanding advantages, Vinhomes Gardenia promises to be the new fever of the real estate market in Hanoi.With a series of outstanding advantages, Vinhomes Gardenia promises to be the new fever of the real estate market in Hanoi. This is the ideal place for customers to choose rent apartment Vinhomes Gardenia